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What is a Church

Judge Brattin, Eastern District of California,

in Universal Life Church, Inc. vs. United States, 372 F. Supp. 770, 776 (E.D. Cal 1974)

“…neither this court nor any branch of this government will consider the merits or fallacies of a religion. Nor will the court compare the beliefs, dogmas, and practices of a newly organized religion with those of  an older, more established religion. Nor will the court praise or condemn a religion, however excellent or fanatical or preposterous it may seem. Were the court to do so, it would impinge upon the guarantee of the First Amendment.”                                                                               [and create a state Church]

Healing has in all ways been Ordained by GOD

This site, a dedicated Non-Government Venue, is to give a place for *508(c)(1)(A) Non-taxable Churches Ordained by GOD and not obstructed, restricted, or impeded Gov/State Organizations.


Keeping the True Separation of Church and State for the Banks as well as other Organizations wishing to Verify and/or make Donations to *508(c)(1)(A) Church/House Organizations.

Proverbs 4:20-22

My son, be attentive to my words; incline your ear to my sayings.

Let them not escape from your sight; keep them within your heart.

For they are life to those who find them, and Healing to all their flesh.

What is a *Free Church

Church Ordained by GOD: 

From the book "Why all Churches should be a *508(c)(1)(A)"


Congress enacted a particular rule to specifically exempt churches from these new requirements or the new legislation would be in conflict with the Constitution. Section 508(c)(1)(A) was necessary to formally ensure that government did not unnecessarily entangle itself with the organization and operation of churches. [Separation of Church and State]


A 508(c)(1)(a) FBO [Faith-Based Organizations] tax exemption stems from the First Amendment and is not a government subsidy.

FBO’s can be organized and operate under Section 508(c)(1)(A) of the Tax Code the same as they can be organized and operate under any other section of the Tax Code. A 508(c)(1)(A) FBO has a constitutional and legal right to form; therefore, there is no required application to seek approval of tax exempt status.


Since 508(c)(1)(A) organizations are already tax exempt as a right they do not have to give up that right (religious exercise and free speech) as a condition of tax exemption.

All organizations seeking tax exempt status must apply to the IRS except FBO’s.

FBO’s can be formed under Section 508(c)(1)(A) and enjoy “mandatory exceptions” from these requirements. Section 508(c)(1)(A) was codified in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) in order to formally establish the right to “free” exercise of religion which had been a tacit standard upon which America was founded and governed since it gained its independence. A 508(c)(1)(A) is, by the very nature of its creation, a religious, non-profit, tax-exempt organization.

Section 508 was part of the legislation passed in the Tax Reform Act of 1969 (H.R. 13270), codified as Public Law 91-17253

The intent of our U.S. Congress in passing Section 508(c)(1)(A) was to make sure that important First Amendment religious and speech rights were protected when they overhauled and authorized sweeping new changes to the Tax Code in 1969. The Act included substantial changes in the treatment of private foundations and 501(c)(3) organizations. The changes included requirements that organizations [Churches are specifically excepted from these requirements] seeking tax exempt status had to first apply, file a tax return annually, comply with rules and regulations that the IRS may from time to time prescribe, keep records of income and expenses, and render under oath statements about the organization.

What is a free

Medical Church Clinic

True Separation of Church and State is a *508(c)(1)(A)

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Non-taxable: Not for State Profit Church?

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