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You need to read and understand this website

If you have any Questions you can Email me from the form 

on the first page.


1. This is a Church, a Medical Order, to help the sick and those in need of Healing.


2. This is not a way of getting out of Paying taxes

                                                [if that is why you are here you are in the wrong place].

How does this work?
Answer: Cost for (Missionary) Preparatory/Deacon [Student] is $250.00 USD

                                 [as a Missionary only not having your own House]

Cost for a House
We call are Churches Clinic [Houses] "The House of  _ _ _ _ _ _"

Answer: You must first be a Deacon and the cost is $1000.00 USD or

                 a minister within another church documented with certificate

Deacon and the cost is                 $1000.00 USD


House/Church is                             $2500.00 USD

Can I have more than one 'House"? 

Answer: Yes you can have more then One House and
                You can work in more then one city.

If you want to run a 2nd House $1500.00 for each after the first


Will I need to paid in full before the Priory of Santa Fe, NHSP will send me the needed credentials? 

Answer: Yes [Application/Paperwork to fill out as well as paid in full]

Can you work in different locations? 

Answer: (Missionary) are assigned to the Priory of Santa Fe, NHSP and 
                like Missionary of all other Churches you can work from anywhere 


Is it OK to have some other Therapists/friends email you questions as well?

Answer: Yes Please have them go to the web site

                 and fill out the form on the first page with their Questions...

When & How do I make my payment to the Priory of Santa Fe, NHSP

Answer: After the We have received the completed Membership form below

we will be in touch as soon as We have Completed our due possess.

Contact Info

Please Read this entire site

If the form below is incomplete in anyway

I will not reply to the email

ask your Questions below and best time to call

Thanks! Message sent.

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